How To Become A Caregiver For A Loved One

Whether you’re new or familiar to the caregiver role, it’s a given that the job requires a significant amount of time, effort, and money. Your family member’s health situation may even require around-the-clock care, which can make it difficult to maintain an income on top of everything on your plate. While each case is different, we understand the hardships someone may face in juggling care giving along with the other responsibilities in their lives. Becoming a paid family caregiver can help – read up on our steps below to start the process or give us a call at 855-616-2662 to learn more.

Qualifying for Home Care

Before taking the leap into paid family caregiving, it’s crucial to understand your loved one’s eligibility for any state government programs. Consider the following to determine your family member’s eligibility:

Level of Care Needed: Benefit programs sometimes determine eligibility based on how many Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) that your family member needs assistance with.

Finances: Your loved one’s assets can dictate how much aid they qualify for – evaluate their savings and how much financial support you and the rest of your family is providing for your family member.

Military Status: Depending on the program, there can be special benefits for veterans and their spouses.

Age: Certain programs have age requirements (i.e. 65 and older) before they can become eligible for aid.

Location: Different states offer different programs. Understanding your state’s aid programs can help establish what benefits your loved one can receive.

State Programs

Some state programs are structured to help you pay for a caregiver, or can pay you for being your family member’s caregiver. Medicaid programs, in particular, can be a valuable resource if your loved one is eligible. Call your local Medicaid office to understand the specific Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) program available and if your family member meets the requirements.

Should your state’s Medicaid program allow compensation for you to provide care to your family member, contact your local Medicaid office for next steps to participate. Oftentimes you will need a confirmation from your doctor that your loved one needs home care and the level of care that is needed. In addition, you will have to provide your information, such as blood work or a physical, in order to work as a caregiver.

Open Systems Healthcare operates in the following states with Medicaid programs:

Pennsylvania Medicaid Program

Delaware Medicaid Program

D.C. Medicaid Program

Missouri HealthNet (Medicaid) Program

Florida Medicaid Program

Becoming a Caregiver for OSH

Caregivers typically need to have their Home Health Aide (HHA), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), or Direct Support Worker (DSW) certifications in order to provide personal care. Additionally, each home care agency has their own requirements for caregivers. At Open Systems Healthcare, we caregivers must have the following credentials:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must pass our OSH competency exam with a score of 80% or higher
  • Must have relevant certification (HHA, CNA, DSW) that meets state and OSH standards
  • Must have evidence of tuberculosis screening that meets CDC guidelines
  • Must have a reliable form of transportation

For more information, contact us! We’re here to be an ally and partner in this process. Give us a call at 855-616-2662 or find your nearest OSH office.