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I’m a strong believer in the thought that the culture of a company reflects directly onto its operations and success. OSH encompasses and shows a level of dedication, passion, caring, and understanding that is rarely seen. I couldn’t be more excited to work for and with this company to help provide such a wonderful service.

Joshua Perch is the CFO at Open Systems Healthcare. He leads and works alongside accounting, billing, accounts receivable, and payroll teams to ensure that OSH’s finances are properly prepared, maintained, monitored, and presented. Josh reviews company financial data for accuracy and completeness, compliance, and most importantly – makes sure that the bills are paid.

Josh loves working, living, and adventuring in the city of Philadelphia. His spare time is typically spent roaming new neighborhoods within the city, trying to find the newest and most unique brews and bites, being an intramural sport icon, or heading down to the stadiums for non-stop sports with his wife.