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Given that I’ve already aged like a fine wine relative to most all of my colleagues and will soon be a consumer of OSH’s services; it is refreshing for me to still be able to partner, educate, and also learn from this next generation of very talented professionals who are extremely dedicated and committed to the mission of OSH.

Kevin Seltzer is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Open Systems Healthcare (OSH). In this role, Kevin serves as the chief financial spokesperson for the company and the one who drives the financial wellbeing of the company through careful financial planning and analysis, forecasting & budgeting, financial reporting, strategic decision making, deal analysis and negotiations, and managing working capital and banking relationships amongst other things.

By ensuring the growth and long term financial health of OSH, the company will be much better positioned to continue serving an ever increasing share of its marketplace and providing a stable workplace for its caregivers and consumers to thrive.

When not trying to convince ownership that CFOs really do add measurable value and are more than simply overhead; Kevin enjoys beating them at golf, playing guitar, relaxing poolside with a cocktail, and spending time with family and friends.