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Senior leadership genuinely values our employees and their feedback; we’re constantly working to make improvements, and we’re always considering the big picture without losing sight of the little things that set us apart.

Kate Kolodey is the Vice President of Operations & HR at Open Systems Healthcare. She manages and oversees all related departments at OSH, including HR, Operations, Learning & Development, Internal Recruiting, and Compliance. In the same vein, Kate strategizes and aligns those departmental initiatives with company goals, while working to measure the effectiveness of OSH’s current practices. In her role, she approaches everything with a focus and mindset on OSH’s people, and how her department’s outcomes will impact employees and consumers alike.

Happiest at the shore, Kate can be found on the beaches of Cape May spending time with her family, soaking up the sun, and enjoying her next great page-turner. A social butterfly, she loves meeting new people and can find a way to connect with just about anyone. Among her friends and peers, Kate has coined the phrase “let’s play a game!” as a way to have a good time and get to know the people around her.