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My favorite part about working here is that OSH is big on identifying problems, analyzing them, and taking on the challenge to create a solution that resolves it.

Kamiah is the Director of Talent Development at Open Systems Healthcare. She designs OSH’s learning, organizational development, and diversity, equity, & inclusion strategies. In addition, she assesses gaps in organizational performance as they relate to company goals, processes, and teamwork and oversees the creation of interventions to close them. Kamiah believes that creating a culture of continuous learning gives OSH a competitive edge through building up competent, confident, and collaborative teams that feel a sense of belonging.

Naturally, Kamiah enjoys reading and developing her own skillset. As a self-proclaimed “lifetime learner”, she believes that anyone can learn anything if they set their mind to it. When she’s not working, you can find Kamiah eating the Mart’s Mac at Mac Mart, hunting for the next best cheesesteak eggroll, or caring for her daughter and family.