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I love that Open Systems is constantly evolving with our growth. It really encourages people to seek out areas of improvement and allows employees to develop and capitalize on their strengths.

Angelina DeGrazia is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Open Systems Healthcare. Along with her team, she identifies talented individuals to join OSH through analyzing markets, team dynamics, and recruitment trends to find the best fit for each position. Further, Angelina leads the senior level management team in applying predictive data to determine staffing plans for future company growth.

In her spare time, Angelina thrives on adventure and trying new things. Tasting unique cuisines, experimenting with a craft beer or wine, or exploring places she’s never been, Angelina is always on the hunt for her next new experience. An animal lover, she also enjoys spending quality time with her rescue puppies (or ‘babies’ as she likes typically refers to them), Molly and Jon Snow.