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Our Systematic Skill Building Specialists (SSB) work with our Open Systems Behavioral Health (OSBH) team to provide specialized skill-building support to clients. They’ll evaluate the client and create a Skill Building Plan (SBP) to address their abilities and learning style, while setting goals for the client to work toward. SSBs, together with their clients, ensure they fully understand the skills they’re targeting and improving. Through interacting and observing, Systematic Skill Building Specialists may tweak or modify the SBP if necessary.

The SSB role requires excellent communication skills, as the person in this position must be in consistent contact with their client, the family, their Supports Coordinator, and any other parties involved. At times, they may have to explain their approaches, the objectives of their SBP, and other information in a digestible manner for families and clients to understand and approve. Documentation is also important, as SSBs will have to maintain organized data collection, SBPs, progress notes, and other records.

OSH hires Systematic Skill Building Specialists on a part-time and full-time basis. Our team is extremely supportive of your professional development, and is committed to helping you be successful.

Required credentials for the SSB role include:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must pass OSBH’s competency exam with a score of 80% or higher
  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Education, or related field (if related field, must have 3 years of experience in supporting individuals with ASD)
  • Must have completed required trainings developed or approved by BAS:
    • Regarding services for individuals with ASD
    • Trainings required for the Systematic Skill Building service
  • Must have a reliable form of transportation
  • Must have valid driver’s license and auto insurance

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